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           Battery And Inverter 10 commandments

 ..And for forty days and forty nights they strode unto the desert, then came unto his Valley, Green and plentiful;
And they saw that the hand of  Bruce had harnessed a fast sweet stream and attached a great rotating device to its raw power.
But Fear gripped them and they raised  Great Cry as he coupled Wires on Great Jars below the Device but Lo!
The air in their tents grew enchanted cool and they made loud harangue of him and cried out

 "Lo!  Why doest thee alone of all of us who connect such jars have hair that no longer stands straight up??"
.... and Bruce gave comfort and showed them the Insulated Tools of Longevity....and they were enlightened.  
(blessings to Rockwell and The Testaments. )



P.S.. Like canoeing, amazing beauty and wilderness?

1. Beware of the thunder and lightning that Lurketh in charged batteries, lest it cause thee to bounce
    upon thy buttocks in a most unseemly manner.  Cause thee no spark or short among them.

2. Again, again I say unto you,  Underestimate Not  the energy  of a shorted battery, for if thou so doest,
    thy friends will surely be buying beers for thy lady and consoling her in certain ways not acceptable to thee.

3. Suffer thou any DC installation doth comply with ABYC and or suffer Mightily Of The Plague of Lawyers,
    who will separate thee from thy worldly goods .
4.Remember to put in Parallel or Series only Batteries of the same type, age, size, weight and  state of charge
   or  suffer thou a Righteous Ream Job by thy Supervisor,  and the miraculous Shrinking of thy Wages.

5. Tarry thou Not amongst fools that mixeth different Types of Batteries in a Bank, for they are disbelievers but
    make question of them  if  their   Airplane hath  different size wings also.

6. Take care when thou takest the measures of high-voltage circuits, or thou shalt incinerate both thee and thy
    test meter.    Verily, thou hast but small value and can be easily replaced, but the loss of a fine test meter
    bringeth much  woe and lamenting back at the shop.

7. Bypass thou not fuses, breakers, or safety devices, nor wire thy vessel if thou be color-blind for this can
    arouse  any Survivors to Wrath, and thou shalt suffer  severe beatings and Loud Doubts on thine Ancestry,
    Present Worth and Future Prospects.  

8. Covet not thy neighbors true RMS meter and Suffer thou learn well the common, neutral, negative, ground,
    earth and bond. Amen, Amen I say unto thee, the Smoke pouring out your ears cannot be putteth back and
    thy Brain worketh not a toss without it.

9. Bedeck thyself not with jewelry or watches whilst working with Acid and Lead substances lest thou compete
     with Quasimodo on the ugly scale and thy Wife  will have no further use for thee except for thy Wages.

10. Give lasting peace, even amongst the Unbelievers, by letting them wire up their own Electric Toilet.

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       I used these 10 commandments as the basis for the ABYC Marine Battery Seminar at the IBEX in Ft Lauderdale
          It is now a tried and true tool for emphasising basic DC safety and Battery Usage to the               unwary.
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Engraving from an original Electric Storage Battery Co  Stock Certificate, circa 1963. Not Bruce!

This is so far down no one will read it- but it is telling, so be aware.
For some research I called 11 separate Battery Companies for the Short Circuit Current Data for their products.
Only two Companies recognised the term and had that Data....

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