A200 A300 A400 A500 A600 Gassing Charging Shipping HazMat MSDS1 HazMat MSDS2 Prevailer/Gel-Tech AGM types

Sonnenschein dryfit
The universal series equally suitable for heavy cyclic applications  and for parallel standby operation
4 - 5 years float service and 200 cycles @ 100% discharge per DIN -400 cycles per IEC standards.....

Note  many of  the A200 have been replaced by the stronger A500 series

  e.g: For METZ Flash batteries the correct replacement # is now the
A506/4.2 K

For Powacaddy and (PowaKaddy) battery users, the Sonnenschein battery replacement #'s are -
or ES26-12
Quantum Flash uses the A208/2.5s below

 (For obsoletes #s please email  replace@sonnenschein.org  for replacement #s)

K=Silver plated contact rivet  

U=Silver plated flat contact 6mm diameter G=matching bolt and nut on flat lead post, M5 & M6 A=Lead automotive type post -DIN 72311



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