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Transport of Deka Gel –Tech; and Sonnenschein dryfit Batteries As

Because of new regulations for non-dangerous goods, we have made several tests with the following results:

  1. For road transportation on (CCVS) Sonnenschein dryfit batteries are in general non-dangerous goods.
  2. For rail transportation (CCVS) Sonnenschein dryfit batteries are in general non-dangerous goods.
  3. Air transportation (IATA/DGR):
  4. Because of our intervention the special paragraph A67 was taken up in the regulation. Its wording is as follows:
    "Non-spillable batteries are considered to be non-dangerous if, at a temperature of 55 C, the gelled electrolyte will not flow out of a ruptured or cracked case and there is no free liquid to flow. When packaged for transport, the terminals must have protection against short circuits."

    Dryfit batteries have passed the necessary tests and are therefore non-dangerous goods according to IATA/DGR.

  5. Sea transportation (CCV Sea):
  6. According to this regulation Sonnenschein dryfit batteries are dangerous goods to class 8, UN No. 2800, liquid type batteries, non-spillable A-67.

    Dryfit batteries have passed with positive results, the necessary vibration and position test for the declaration to be non-spillable. Therefore, the following certificate can be taken up additionally in the regulation.

    "We confirm that the batteries prepared for dispatch have passed the described vibration and position test satisfactorily. They are packed safely and protected against short circuit.

    Therefore, there are no special packing and marking regulations for dryfit batteries. Except that during transportation, the poles have to be secured against short circuit and packing needs to be marked with class 60 only.(marked class 8 in Europe Only)"

    SCHED.B #  HTSUS  8507.20
    UN. NO. 2800 – A67 – SEA--- IATA / DGR – A67 – AIR
    CHEMTREC 1-800-424-9300 USA only
    1-703-527-3887 (Outside USA)
    Product Made In U.S.A. or Germany


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