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With a selector switch for battery type this Microprocessor controlled fully automatic Battery Chargers is for all sealed valve regulated, gelled, AGM & liquid lead acid batteries., with available Voltage ranges of 6 to 48 volts and D.C. outputs from 1 to 30 Amps .
International voltages, custom designs and private label available. Features  include: Patented proportional
timing for extended battery cycle life, Auto override timer that safely shuts down defective batteries & alerts
the  user, Battery Type switch to select the proper charge format for specific battery technologies, OEM
component level controls for built in applications. Custom charge designs for all battery charging systems.


LS 1206
12 volt 6A
LS 2403
24v 3A
LS 2405
24v 5A
LS and PS units have  standard
alligator clips -Various medical
/special plugs are listed below
Rt1216.JPG - 170943 BytesPro RT 1216
ps2Pro PS12-10
Pro PS24-08



Medical and Special Plugs - All these chargers are available with optional plugs:

bulletMed 2O - Two pin Ortho
bulletMed 4E - Four pin E & J
bulletMed 4I - Four pin Invacare
bulletMed Clip - Medical Clips
bulletMed SB-50 - SB-50 Connector
bulletMed XLR - XLR Connector
bulletAlso Bare Wire cables

Specialty options.

International AC Voltages


OEM Components
The  patented charge control software and hardware is available to OEM's for inclusion in a variety of applications. We also offer custom adaptation for your particular application.

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