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 The recycling of old Batteries into free solar street lights for the Caribbean Islands.

Ever been to the Caribbean Islands?
  Dived in a beautiful anchorage and found the bottom littered with dead Batteries and other junk?

That's reality on these tiny Islands where landfills and smelters are not available.

In 1996 MG Batteries began a novel system to remove Lead pollutants from the Caribbean Islands.

We asked our local distributors to gather all the scrap Lead acid batteries on the island and ship them back to the USA.  Once shipped and through customs, they are sent to a modern recycling facility- so advanced, in fact that even the acid and fumes are reclaimed.

Tradewinds Yachting in the British Virgin Islands has been a firm supporter of the programme having already collected three solar street lights for the islands - Recycling many containers of Batteries!

The full scrap value of the metals and plastics is then returned to the Islands in the form of Solar Street lights, which are installed @ no charge to the Island residents!  Everybody wins.  

Solar street lights have proved their amazing and comforting abilities to perform during hurricane after hurricane  when the Utility power  goes down. 

If you live on a Caribbean Island and would like your Island to benefit as part of that program , contact us!


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